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Your ribbon(s) will be shipped in a timely manner to the address provided. Until the ribbon(s) arrive here are links provided that will allow you to change your Facebook Profile so you can begin showing that you now have a seat at the hunting table. We appreciate you creating awareness for hunting and want you to know we are proud to have you as a part of the movement.

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In These Tough Times Here's What To Do Next:

There are several ways that you can help us reach our goals, including:
– by donating a $5.00 for a ribbon and wearing it!
– Asking local sporting goods stores and shops, shooting ranges and lodges to promote our ribbons and products
– Manning a Hunting Awareness booth at trade shows and sporting and outdoor expos in your local community which will help you raise money for you too.
– Adding a Hunting Awareness banner to your website or Facebook profile.
– Liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and joining our circle on Google+ and sharing our site with your friends and followers
– Writing an email to your friends and family to introduce our site and share the link to our home – – page:
– Featuring the campaign in a post on your blog and providing a link to our site
– Talking about hunting positively! Every time you share something good about Hunting you’re giving Hunting the opportunity to create awareness and spread a collaborative effort like nothing offered before.
Our awareness campaign serves all hunting and shooting enthusiasts who have used and benefited from our nation’s hunting heritage and want to see its traditions continue. Our collaborative efforts and funding also serve young people throughout the country who benefit from spending time outdoors hunting and shooting.

Thank You For Your Support!